Grade 5


A Home for Me

A Home for Me

A home for me is a place that is safe and secure, a place to be loved and cherished. A home is not just a house because you can’t build a home with wood and cement, you build a home with love and family. A place where everyone supports you and helps you when you need it most.

A home for everyone should be the same. A place full of love and compassion, a place where dreams grow and where everyone is filled with joy and happiness. A place where children can run around and play, and where adults can connect and talk. A place where there is peace and quiet and where families can talk and do fun games and activities together.

A home is a place to practice religion or any kind of beliefs without judgement. A place to remember loved ones who have passed. A place to celebrate special family traditions and holidays that mean something to you. A home for me is all these things.

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