No Place Like Home

We love our homes, whether big or small, they offer a sense of comfort no other place can. It is where we feel safe, loved and truly ourselves. Unfortunately, not all people have that privilege. I love my home because it is my safe haven. It is a place that is filled with so many heartwarming memories that I continue to create everyday. The walls are filled with pictures of my family and I, combined with our very own creative paintings. The basement is the place where I get to play video games and invite my friends over to hang out. My home is the place where I laugh the most because I spend so much time with my with my siblings and feel so loved by my family. Home is my happy place and I believe that no one should be excluded from having their own safe haven. Unfortunately, some people don’t have homes and I believe we should all put effort in to helping them. As a community, everyone should work together to raise awareness and money toward this very important issue. The government should stress on resolving this issue and plan out ways to avoid it. A home is not a luxury, it is a necessity that every person should possess. There are people on the street during the winter, where it is so cold they could get frostbite, but also in the summer, where it is so hot they could get a heat stroke. These are people who deserve no less than anyone else. Sometimes, life is just not very kind to all of us and these people just need the extra help and push. This pandemic taught us how lucky we are to have homes that keep us safe during these harsh times. Also, having company with you during the lockdowns helps maintain our mental health. People who do not live in homes do not have a support system that gives them the strength to continue and never give up during these trying and lonely times. Therefore, because of the daily struggle the homeless have to go through, such as finding a safe place to sleep and having enough money to get food, they could fall into depression and develop anxiety. Having good mental health is one of the most important things one should have because it affects every aspect of our lives. In conclusion, the homeless go through so many situations that can be harmful and dangerous. We must do everything we can in order to help them. Having a home is something that is essential to everyone. That is why having a home is a right that nobody should be denied from.


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Ottawa, Ontario

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