Home is not a place, it is a feeling. Home is different for everyone, just like no two people are the same. Much like how most people need time to truly find themselves, a house needs work before it becomes a home. There are no fail proof steps on how you create a home, no standard criteria to compare yours to others’, and no set rules that limit your home’s potential. However we define home, it is where we always come back to, wherever our day takes us. No matter how many houses we live in, home remains the same, because it is not the structure that matters, it is who we share it with. It is the constant in all our memories. Being home means having peace of mind, even amidst chaos. We are open to taking risks because we can learn from mistakes without judgement. At home, we speak freely and respect each other’s views. We do not worry about how big or fancy our house is, because we appreciate that what we have is enough. It is not important what our house looks like, because the joy in a home is the most beautiful thing. Blessed with a home, we understand the importance of doing our best to make sure others could be as well. Everyone deserves refuge, even if it’s not immediately a retreat. The world would be a kinder place if those who can, are willing to help give a house for others to make a home out of. Everyone deserves a home, and each one is special and whole. It is where the happiness is effortless so laughter is spontaneous, love is not forced and hope is very much alive. When the world gets too noisy, home is where we turn to because it is where the love is louder.


4 Année

Port Hope, Ontario

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