Grade 5

Portugal Cove-St Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

Your Life Begins Here!!

Today I thought to myself what does home mean to me. I thought about what home means to me because there are children and families that don’t have a home, but… Home means to me is… where you spend time with your family, have fun with your family. Home is where you feel safe, loved.

Home is a place where all families should have, because all families should feel the same amount of love as any other family.

A home is a love zone, somewhere you live with your pets and families. A home is somewhere where you should never worry.

A home is where you will follow your dreams, your home has your heart. A home is where you express your feelings.

A home is where you eat at the supper table with your family. Home is where you can relax on the couch. Home is full of love, memories, laughter, where you share your tears.

Home makes you feel u matter, and yes u do matter!!!! Everyone matters. Home is where u have your own privacy. Home is where we can be free and be ourselves. A place to build memories and as well as a way to build up life. Home is just like your future away .Everyday you wake up in your home, with a new day and a new start. Home is blessed with family u love, doesn’t matter if you have a small or big family’s house is not the same as a home, a house is just a structure, that has a color on the outside, nothing like a home. a home is where life begins, where you feel awesome, and lots more. Home is where you can have parties, have movie night with your family and friends. Home is more than a journey. Your home will Protect you from storms. Just like when your home comforts you, by going on the couch With a cozy blanket on a chilly night. Just like when you get in a bath that’s at your home, it’s a relief. Let all the stress out.