Grade 5

British Columbia

Your Home Should be Your Comfort Zone

Your Home Should be Your Comfort Zone

Today l write this poem,
It’s a wish that comes from the heart,
To give people a real home,
So allow me to start.

Home is where you go to sleep,
When your loved ones die it’s where you weep.

It’s where you do the dishes,
It’s where you sweep the floor,
It’s where you tell your parents your wishes,
It’s where you ask for more.

Home is where I walk my dog,
Home is where I go when there’s fog.

Home is safe,
Home is comfortable,
It should give you faith,
In a bed, a seat and or table.

It is where you eat food delicious,
It is where you accomplish goals ambitious.

Home is where children ask for permission,
At times it is where you practice as a magician,

Home is where you have family time,
It’s where you run away in a book,
Home is where you tell your family you’re fine,
It’s a place from which you should never be took.

At first when you’re old, your memories may be blurry,
But when you pet your cat which is furry,
Memories will flood your mind,
And then happiness you will find.

Home is a place where the game is always fair,
It is a safe place where people won’t stare.

It is a place where teenagers talk on the phone,
Yes a home should be your comfort zone.

Home is where I go when I yelp,
Everyone should have a place to find help.

It does not matter whether I lose or if I win, for what a pleasure this has been.