Grade 6


Your Home

What is the true meaning of home you may ask? Well, it isn’t about a house, no not at all. It’s about you, and only you can decide where your home is.

The warm crispy smell of when your parents cook a pie, fills the entire house with joy. Your kitchen may hold many funny, joyful, exciting, and maybe messy memories. The second you take a bite out of the family delicacy you feel full of deliciousness.

When you feel the bright sun shining on your face through the window of your living room you know you have the home of a lifetime. Your family will remember the couch you sit on as a token of your life.

Your bedroom have all of your favourite childhood memories. The room you feel safest and the most important room of all. It is the room that has watched you change over the years, it has watched you grow up from child to adult.

Your home is where you feel safest. The place you wake up and you feel cheerful, the place where you belong. The place that completes your soul. Some people have no home, oh I wish we could all come together and end the fact that some have a part of their soul is missing.