Grade 6


Your Heart’s Place to Stay

Being picked up, time and time again. Just to go home where the heart is.
No matter how big or how small. Home is here to be your stepping stool.
You learn, you play and you find your way.

The way you go,
Walking, running or talking all the way home, you can see it or hear it near.
Home is always right here.

But what about the people who do not have a home?
This is why I’m writing this poem.
Helping other people is a good thing to do.
Because maybe one day, you will need help too.

No matter the way you look, talk or even speak.
A home is a place where you can sleep.
You can laugh there,
You can cry there,
You might even fight.

However, it doesn’t matter, because home is where we stay each night.
Home might not be seen,
Then you could visualize the scene.
For no matter what, a home should always be engraved in your heart.