Grade 5

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

Your Favourite Place

Home means to me big relationships or new relationships!
Relationships don’t have to be a family member it could be a good friend
Home means that I am safe and I have trust for others
Some may not have a home but we should be grateful for our homes
Home is just not a house it could be someplace you spend a lot of your time at your favourite place
For others, a home could be anything at their favourite restaurant or arcade.
Home to me is being at the hockey rink and just skating around semi pace
While the rink is rented
For other people, it might be anything in the world but it will feel like home
Home is where there is a lot of love shown
Home is like a big force field of love
From my house to my community and to the rink a home is a place where everyone shows love

Helping each

We can all be kind.