Grade 5


You Can Do Lots At Home

At home, I like to play with my dogs,
I love to eat spaghetti,
I love to play on my trampoline and on all of my other equipment,
I love to throw my dog’s ball for them,
I love to play with my toys,
I like to watch movies with popcorn,
I love to cuddle with my dogs and family,
I like to watch football,
I like to sleep on my comfy bed,
I like to play hide-and-go-seek with my cousins,
I like to decorate the Christmas tree,
I like to decorate for Halloween and decorate for every other holiday,
I like to play board games,
I like to bake cookies and cake,
I like to build hideouts (my Dad right now is building a hideout in a crawl space),
I like clean my fish tank,
I like to play with my karaoke,
I like to play my guitar,
I like to dress up at home,
And I like to hang out with family.

Some people don’t have a home,
So, they probably can’t do some of these things,
But, by writing a poem and giving $10 to some people that don’t have homes,
It will help to get them a home.

I am very grateful to have a home.