Grade 6


Wonderful Home

Unique, special, safe. That describes my home best. Some people take home for granted, but your home is your roots. It’s your happy place. It’s where you’ve cried, and it’s where you’ll make your fondest memories. Home is the perfect place to express yourself, it will guide you through the thick and thin. A place to unravel your worst stories. Home is not a place to take for granted.

Walk into your home and feel the love. It’s a place of one’s love that is cherished and brought through and within. Your home can be big, small, rustic or sturdy, homes come in all shapes and sizes. Your house could be a mansion or apartment. But really, it’s about the people that are in your house that make your house feel like your home.

Enthusiastic dance moves accommodated with loud music fill your home top to bottom. Laughs and giggles while watching your dad do the pee-wee Herman dance. Never gets old! Hockey Night in Canada is on and my family gathered around the TV. Eating chips and relaxing is what we do. The dinner table is some peoples most prized possessions. It’s were my family sits long, laughs long and talks long. One of the best parts in my home.

Home is a place, that is yours and is unlike others. You can do anything you want to it. It’s your home your rules. You can keep it plain or fancy it out. Just remember home is a privilege, don’t abuse it. It’s not a guarantee but I can tell you, It’s the best place in the world.