Grade 6


Wonderful Home Sweet Home

Right now, I am picturing calming music playing as I am writing. if I wanted to say what home means to me then I would have used more than a hundred pages, but let me narrow it down to the important stuff and go deeper into what home means for me.
Ideally, when a man and a woman get together, they create a child and teach that child their culture and religion, the parents teach the child how to get along with their siblings. The parents also teach their kids how to keep clean and do their chores, the kids grow attached to their home and when it is time to live in the home of their parents and create their own home, it is hard. Anyways in a home, the family members do things in common. They eat the same food/pass recipes most of the time. They go out shopping, for games, to church services, and also party together. They reason together in one accord.
Some part of the home is made by the powerful feelings and the other part of the home is made by the feelings, but the thing that makes a big part of the home is the people…
A home is also a place where you share memories, it is also a place where you can be calm and relaxed. A home is also a place where you can exchange ideas either with your parents or your siblings or anybody. At times, your parents can tell you stories about the past, present and what life may look like in the future. one thing I like very much about home is that we work together, take pictures together and watch TV together. When one person is absent from home, I feel somehow, but when everyone is present, I feel excited and happy. if we go some were like let’s say going to the library or just taking a walk, as we are coming home, I run far ahead of my siblings to get home first. Yes because I love my sweet home. Reasoning together makes our wonderful home sweet home powerful…