Grade 6


Without A Home

January 14th, 2039
One warm and beautiful day, Nicolas Blooms was walking down a street when he saw a boy crying beside a barber shop.
The sign read: “Zane’s Cool Barber Shop™. Come for Candy! And Ice Cream! No Scam!”
The boy’s probably 10 years old, he thought.
The boy looked so sad, it seemed he had gone through something horrible.
“Where are your parents?” Nicolas asked.
The sad boy started crying even harder.
“Th-they don’t love me,” he managed. “I ha- I have no home”.
Nicolas felt terrible. He remembered when he was an 11 year old boy, wandering around without loving parents, without a home. It was only thanks to a stranger named Jillian who had happened to walk by. She took care of him.
Slowly, a smile spread across his face.
“I’ll help you,” Nicolas exclaimed.
The boy looked up.
This is my chance to pay it forward, to give this child what I was given by that stranger, he thought.
“I can help you. Do you need a home?” he asked.
“Yes. Wait. Really? A home? For me?” he asked in wonder.
“Yes. What is home to you?”
“A place with a bed is fine. A place with water and food. Somewhere with shelter, somewhere with love.”
Nicolas brought him to his little apartment on Eclore St.. It wasn’t much, but it made the boy’s face light up. He ran and jumped around the apartment.
“What is your name?” Nicolas asked.
“Ronald” he said.
“Shall we?”
February 4th, 2061
Ronald looked across the street. He saw a young, homeless girl all alone. He would help her, he was sure. Just like Jillian. Just like Nicolas had for him.