Grade 6


Within My Home

Home, to me, is where I can retreat, feel safe, loved, and nurtured. Home is where I can act goofy all I want. Without the judgemental gaze of society’s eyes. Home is a song I will eternally cherish. To the yesterdays of today and the today of yesterday.

Home is a place made out of memories and echoes throughout, spreading nostalgia. Timeless treasures of the heart, home is to me. The walls tell tales of yesterday and continue to soak up all we do and say. While I look back, at how fast, time, has indeed passed.

When I’m home, my family welcomes me. The sound of my mother’s cooking greets me at the door. Each corner is laced with items of significance, chosen with thought. The wind softly ruffles my hair and cools me from the transudation of summertime. Home is the sound of birds chirping outside my window. Clamorous construction rousing me from my peaceful slumber.

To me, home radiates warmth and comfort. Where greetings and farewells are said. Where adventures commence and cease. We roam and then we return, back to the safety of our beloved home. This cycle, how monotonous it is indeed, but, returning home, is truly the highlight of my day.

Within my home lies my family, safety, and comfort. The place where I can be myself. So many stories these walls could tell, of a childhood, they so stubbornly refuse to reveal. From near to distant, we always return, to this peculiar place we call home.