Grade 5


Within my home

The floor under my feet
The roof over my head no matter how tall I get. This is my homestead.
The cozy crackle and warm glow of the fire in my home.
The family within the one that holds me close no matter how old this will always be my home.
To me my home is more precious than gold.
The love within, the hope within, the memories within these four walls. This is where I get up when I fall.
My home is my canvas. I paint my ideas, my inspiration, my dreams, and what I feel.
I am the person who paints, my family & friends are the paint. My home the canvas the start of it all. My home is only the start to so much more i can do with my heart. My mistakes, my triumphs, my family & my friends, make me who I am and my home was the start of it all.