Grade 4

saint john
New Brunswick

Why My Home is Special to Me

Home is quiet and peaceful to me.
Home is not just a home it’s a place where I’m safe,loved, Home is an amazing place to me, it’s fun and special.

Home means “A LOT” to me, It means “A LOT” to me because I have a roof over my head and I have a bed to sleep on and home feels really really safe to me.

My home has food and water, and lots of memories. My home is sometimes loud but most times it’s quiet and forgiving. If anyone in my home makes a mistake they are forgiven.

My home doesn’t have to much fighting, and also when I come home my family welcomes me back home and gives me big hugs which is why I love coming home and is also why I love my home the most. Another thing about my home is that, I always have walls right beside me.

In my home there is a, kitchen, living room. Home comforts me so I don’t feel uncomfortable. Home is where I live and it makes me feel happy about that. Anybody’s home is great, but I think my house is amazing and it’s always gonna be amazing.

I love home and I’m never gonna give it away. One of my memory’s that I will never forget is that my dog he was a pug and he past away so we berried him in my backyard. Another thing I love most about my home is that it’s a home for me and my family.