Grade 5


Why my home is special

Home is where you live and grow up in. It is where you cook, bake, eat, sleep, play, work and watch TV. My home makes me feel safe because I am with my family. You can decorate your home, and it’s where you can have people over. ( When the Coronavirus is finished ) Home is where you can have fun. In your home, you can play board games with your family. It is also where you can have taco, pizza, or movie night. I love my home because I can walk and pace in it and I can think about my thoughts. In my home, I like when I watch a movie with my family because when we watch a movie, we eat popcorn on the couch. Home is where I play with my little sister and give her piggyback rides. Home is where I can read books and listen to music. Home is where I can laugh when I have fun. This is what home means to me.