Grade 6


Why my Home is so Special to me

Why my Home is Special to me

Why is my home so special because we get together and do a lot of fun activities together.

We play a lot of darts usually my dad and I are on one team, but if there’s only three of us we play individually.

Also we also play scat is a card game the game is played independently.

My grandma poppa and dad love playing this game. We usually play for money but if I lose, I lose my money.

My home is so special to me because I got my fluffy attractive cat who I love to play with I’m usually late for school cause he’s so adorable, so I never want to stop playing with him. he has his own house it’s so big he loves that.

My home is extremely special because I can play with my brother and mom on her Xbox so I am very happy about that so many fun and amazing things happen in my house.

My life is sad because I miss my brother, but I have my cat to keep me happy he almost never makes me sad because he is so playful.

The End.