Grade 6

Bay De Verde
Newfoundland and Labrador

Why my home is so important to me

A home is…
A place where I’m welcomed with warm hands and open hearts,
A place where I will not be judged for who I am and will be accepted by everyone.

I like living in my home
I would love for everyone to have a home
So they could all be cozy and loved instead of crying
In the cold.

I wonder when I lay down to fall asleep how lucky
I am to have this lovely home with this family of
Mine who do not judge me and let me with no worries
Fall asleep. And falling asleep with open arms loving
Smiling as I lay asleep.

And when I go to school I always think about what a
Lucky student I am to have this loving home that I can come back to

And I’m not afraid to be home or leave home and living in this home
Is probably the best gift I could ever ask for.