Grade 5

Red Deer

Why My Home is Meaningful to Me

A home can be many different things. A house, an apartment, a town-house, or even a shelter. The most important thing, though, is that it’s a safe place, no matter where it is. A place where people can feel warm and comfy. For me, I feel safe just sitting in front of the cozy fireplace with a good book in my hand and my cat asleep on my lap.

My home and my parents are always there for me, whether I have a good or a bad day. My home keeps the things I treasure safe inside, just waiting for me when I need them most.

My home isn’t just a place where I live. It’s not a place where I sit around, be lazy, and make messes. It’s a place where memories, both good and bad, are made. A place where I am safe, loved, and happy.

I hope everyone gets to have a home like mine.