Grade 5


Why is home important?

Home is important. It gives us warmth and love. It may not be alive but it takes care of us like another human being.
Some of us don’t have homes. Some of us are lucky.
I am very grateful for having a home. When I’m home I feel safe. I can draw and draw.
In your home you can always make memories. Nothing can stop you from making memories.
You can always have fun. You can play Hide and Seek.
When I’m at school I feel like I ‘m at home. I see my classmates and they are like my family.
Our parents work hard for us to have a home.
When I’m outside in the dark I always think of home and how I could be in my bed. In my comfy and cozy bed. I could stay there forever and ever.
Our lives are long. We will share memories when all is gone.