Grade 4

British Columbia

Why I’m Thankful for my Home

Home is where I’m most comfortable, where I can be completely and fully accepted as myself. In the winter it’s where I sit by the wood stove enjoying the quiet and warmth while cuddling my animals. My mom makes hot cocoa when we come in from building snow forts and shoveling snow off the trampoline. It’s warm and toasty in my home and always smells good. In the summer I can smell the scent of sagebrush float in on a warm wind breeze to fill my home while I dance around and enjoy being free. There’s popsicles in the summer and friends always around to hangout with. Home means having a place to go when I’m lonely and where my family lends an ear when I need to talk. It means having my family to support me and always having a sense of belonging.

Having a home should be a given right. Homes don’t have to be big and fancy, they should be a place to go and hang your achievements and art. Home is where I pump up my energy without a charge cord. It’s where I have my best thoughts and have a place to create. It’s where I hear the sweet melody of my dad playing acoustic guitar lull me to sleep in my warm cozy bed. Everyone should be warm and cozy at night, nobody should have to sleep on the streets.

Home means stability to me. When I travel, there will be a sense of comfort to always having a home to return. I’m thankful to have a place to call home that gives me a sense of belonging and courage and compassion to help others in the world. The magic in my home makes me a better person. Whether near or far my home and family will always be there to surround me and warm me with love. I feel fortunate to have such a loving home.