Grade 6

Christopher Lake

Why I’m Grateful to have a Home

I’m lucky to have a home and family.

I always feel loved,cared for and lucky to have a home with people who care about me.

When I go to town I see people holding a cup asking for change and using it as a pillow and it’s sad when people can’t afford a house that they can feel safe in.

My home is where I can feel safe and not worry about losing my parents, family and my home.

When I come home from school I’m happy to be home so I can be loved and supported and be who I am.

I’m thankful to have a home that I can sleep,eat, and play in. I’m most thankful for having my parents go to work everyday just so they can pay the bills and provide me with food and a bed to sleep on.

When a person doesn’t have a home to stay in and they feel sad inside.

And in a home there’s memories in that home that you spent time creating your whole life.

That’s why I’m grateful to have a home