Grade 5

High Prairie

Why I Love My Home

Firstly, I am grateful that my home is warm because when you are warm inside you will feel comfortable and at home! When I am warm inside it makes me feel at home and comfortable because I am not cold!

Secondly, I am very thankful that my home has lots of room for my family because we have 4 It has just enough room for my family! You have so much room to go in my house!

Lastly, I am really grateful that my home has been in my family since I was 2 because I am 10 years old and we have had a lot of good memories in it! My home is where I lost my first tooth, where I learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels, and where I learned to swim with no life jacket!

My family loves it here because the seasons are perfect! My family also loves it here because when you want to go for walks you can go to J.C. Park and the good thing is about J.C. Park is that you can bring your dogs there! My family has had such good memories here in High Prairie Alberta! Maybe one day you can visit High Prairie yourself and create some of your own memories to remember and share!