Grade 6


Why I Love my Home

Have you ever just wanted to go home?
From my point of view, I see my home as safe and enjoyable.

Some reasons that my home is safe. I have healthy food to eat. “for example we make chili. It is delicious,”I have a dog to protect me from harm and he is a min pin. 3 third reason why I think home is safe. I have great parents that are a peace officer and a bylaw officer that is my mom and she is a nurse. My dad is an electrician.

Some of my favorite parts are Family cause I can play games with them and they can take me places and teach me stuff. My dog cause he is playful and funny and he entertains me when I am bored. I can play video games with friends on the phone or in-person mostly we play Roblox or among us. My friends can come over and play cause it is more fun to play with friends instead of playing yourself.

I have lots of space to enjoy my example. I have a trampoline. In the summer it is in our backyard and in the winter, we put it in a large garage. You can still jump in it. I can play with my dog. He is playful and full of energy. we can play video games. I play Roblox Nintendo and play stain. one thing I don’t like is my sister bugging me. She does it a lot.

I like my home cause it is safe, enjoyable, and comfortable.