Grade 6


Why I Love my Home

235,000 people in Canada don’t have a home. To me, home is where I can feel loved, be myself and it’s where my loved ones are.

Being loved is the best feeling in the world and at home is a different kind of love than just my friends. They make me feel special in a way that no one else can. Not only can I be loved in my home but I can love others. For example, if the sister is having the worst day ever we will go make her feel better and love her until she just forgets about everything that made her day miserable.

Sometimes you have to act really polite when you are in public places but in my house, I can be myself. For example, I can be the weirdest person with my family and not care who is watching because that’s how normal/comfortable I can feel in my home. Another reason I can be myself is I can express my emotions. So if I’m sad I don’t have to be scared to show the same things with any other emotions. I can feel free like I don’t have to be trapped in one room.

Home is not just where I feel loved but it’s also where my loved ones are. When they are there I’m not alone and I feel safe. It’s also not just my family that’s there but my friends are too! They all make me feel safe in my home and it’s fun when they are there because I have someone to play with and talk to and overall when they are there I’m not lonely.

I feel so lucky that I have a home and that I can be loved in it!