Grade 6

Brentwood bay, BC
British Columbia

Why I Love My Home

Home to me means laughing and doing stuff with your family and when you are tired you go to sleep in your very comfortable bed. I wish everyone could have what I have.

I feel most at home when I feel the warmth of my cat’s fur and my dog licking me. They’re so soft and make me feel like I am at home. I feel my Mom and Dad’s arms around me keeping me warm. I love my parents. I feel my parents arms wrapped around me. That is the time I feel most at home.

I taste the food and the treats that my mom makes for me. That makes me feel at home. I taste the dinner that my Dad makes me. I am so lucky to have all of this food.

I smell the fire in the fireplace as it waves around. I sit in comfortable chairs around the fire with my family. I sometimes smell my family baking cookies. We sit around the table talking about happy and sad memories.

I hear my cats running around my home when we are going to bed. I hear my dog barking at passing cars. My cats are purring and meowing.

The habitat around us that we live in is beautiful. We are so lucky to have shelter that we can sleep under. I wish everyone could have all of this stuff that we have. All of this makes me feel at home. 😉😃