Grade 6


why i love my home

Why I love my home ❤🏘
By: Mason Barrington-Moss

Everyone thinks of a home as a place where you live or where you can go to after school, work or sport or activity but it’s so much more than that. A home can be different inside and outside each home is different and in each home, every family will feel different inside or feel a different connection. I love my home because we have water and food and protection. A home should be safe and secure and some people don’t have one and I wish I could change that. It never really mattered to me the size of my home or how it looks. It matters about how you feel inside and I feel happy inside my home. With all the drama in lifelike fights between friends, family, and everyday problems you will always know that you can scream as loud in your pillow as you want because your home is your place and your safe spot. My home has seen me grow up, seen all sides of me dark, light, happy, sad, and angry. Everyone should have a home because a home is the heartbeat of your life. It makes you feel snug and out of harm. I want to make the unthinkable happen to people who never thought they could have a home in a safe place. This event is a miracle. What has happened this last year is sad and heartbreaking. People have lost family and friends so hearing that I could give someone a home who has lost something is heart healing. I want to make a change.

Thank you habitat for humanity

-mason Barrington moss