Grade 5


Why I Love My Home

My home is special because I have space to do what I love. Everyone deserves a home. My family is so special, I love to play with my family and my home gives me an opportunity to play with my family. My favourite sport is hockey during covid 19, I can’t play hockey but I have a safe place at my home to play hockey with my family. A home is so important everyone needs shelter. A home helps with that, I’m so thankful that I have a home. I can’t play outside with my friends so I play in my backyard where I am safe. My house is safe too, my bedroom is important and is somewhere safe to sleep. I’m thankful for the food I have, the backyard that I have, the front yard I have, my house I have, but most important family. Oh and the basement, the basement is like a movie theater and space to stay. Some people don’t have basements so I’m thankful that I have one. Everyone needs a home. Some people don’t have a home but soon they will. I’m so happy I have a home and you are probably thankful that you have a home too.