Grade 5

High Prairie

Why I am Grateful for My Home

I am grateful for my home because I can go skating on my ice rink, play in my room, jump on the trampoline in summer and play soccer.

I really like living in High Prairie because it’s a great town and it has fun things to do. I have friends. There are amazing parks and the skating rinks. The bad thing is that it gets cold in winter so we can´t do as many things but it is still fun. My favorite season is winter because I get to play hockey and my birthday is in winter.

I am really grateful for my trampoline because it is really fun to jump on and in summer we put the sprinkler under it and put soap on it. It is fun to do things like this in summer. Me and my sisters have fun doing it.

I hockey with my sister and dad. When we play my dad usually wins because he is really good at hockey. I have alot of fun playing hockey. When we play soccer in my backyard my other sister joins us and we have fun

I have fun playing with lego and building cool things like cars, buildings, and robots. I also play video games in my room. I usually play this game called Grand Theft Auto for short its GTA. I really enjoy playing GTA with my friends.

That’s why I am grateful for my home and I really hope that the money from whoever wins gets used on a good family that is nice. Are you grateful to have a nice home?