Grade 6


Why Homes are Important

I love being under a roof and not on the streets. But those who don’t have a home need one to feel the warmth, to know how it is to eat and be under a roof. I used to live in a house with a hole in the wall. It was not to bad but now I live in a duplex its better now than before so I need to win so I can give people in need it does not matter if I win as long someone helps someone in need. I love the smell of food and the smell of the outdoors and everyone should get a house. Homes are important to me. I love the talking in my home. I like that I can just be free in my home. I like looking out my window and I love the warmth I can feel. I love that my home has two bathrooms so no fighting or who gets the bathroom and who does not. I like my room because it a place or somewhere I can calm down when am mad I can watch tv. when am cold I can just go inside and homeless people can just go in someone’s home they have to freeze and they can’t just get one million dollars in ten seconds. I love my downstairs and my basement. Homeless needs a home no matter what weather cold or warm they still need a home. Homes is important and I love always touching my door handle to my room. I love my home. My walls are so smooth to touch and I love the way my home is always clean so please make new homes. I love chatting in my home and having showers in my very good home thanks hope you like it.