Grade 6


Why home is the best

Home is an experience that can be well enjoyed. Home can mean a lot of things for instance at my home I make memories that will never be forgotten . And a place where everyone matters. My home means a lot to me. There are many reasons why. But I chose three,I feel comfortable, protected from outside danger and a place where everyone is loved.

In my home I feel comfortable. In the winter I feel warm and cozy and in the summer I feel cool and dry. In my home I can wear whatever I want and feel good about myself. At home I can be myself. At school I feel judged…when I get home I can do whatever I want and feel not judged. Comfort is a thing that is most needed in a home.

In my home I feel protected from the dangerous situations that are going on in our world. When I get into my mom’s car, she starts driving like every person is supposed to. But I can’t keep my eyes off of the road because I’m scared of getting into a car accident with a drunk driver or just someone who isn’t paying attention. Then when I get out of the car and walk into my house I feel safe. When you walk into your house and feel safe and relaxed,it’s a good feeling.

In my home everyone is loved. You can say I love you to your mom and dad and feel not embarrassed about it. I cherish being with my family. I cherish having a mom and dad that have raised me for my whole entire life.Even though I don’t like my siblings, at the end of the day I love them. Love is a thing that it is always there and can be used most of the time. I am thankful for my siblings and my parents and love them all. My brother and I never have a dull moment. Even when we fight we, make light out of it.

In conclusion, home means a lot to me. I love my home very much. I feel comfortable,safe and loved. Home is is the best place ever. I am very thankful to have a nice family and a big house and a roof over my head to live in. Thank you for reading.