Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

Why home is special for me

Why Home is Special for me

I get off the bus,
I walk to my front deck.
Me unlocking the door, feeling safer.
Once I get in, I see the familiar surroundings;
The TV, the open concept kitchen, the couch.
To me, my home is special
Even if you have to do the things you don’t want.
At least you have a place to be safe and warm.
This is the place I miss even if I sometimes don’t notice it.
The fresh cooked food is amazing
Even if you don’t always like the food you get.
I’m never alone even when I’m in the snow.
My friends laughing and us playing makes me a lot safer and feel better.
The second my dad or mom come in the door,
I go blasting up to see them and give them a hug.
When I go to my room, I see my comfy bed,
The wrinkled sheets and my cushiny pillow and
I realize that not everyone has a place to eat or even to sleep.
I am grateful for my house and all the things I have, but also I know that others aren’t as lucky as me to have a bed or even a piece of food to put on their table
This is why home is special for me.