Grade 6

New Brunswick

Why Home is so Special

A home is a place to be cozy while you stay.
A place where family loves to play.
But some need to camp in the cold.
And stuff they hold dear must be sold.
I have a roof over my head that there is no worry about it collapsing.
While there are a few that worry daily about their whole shelter falling.
The unlucky need to fear the unknown.
Or take a gamble and borrow a loan.

A home is where there is no pain.
And my little brother’s biggest problem is just a small stain.
Where I am safe from the weather outside.
My home always gives me a good vibe.
In the kitchen I can smell my mom baking.
And I hear my dad in the front yard raking.
A home is a place secure from most dangers.
But with no home you get approached by strangers.

A home is a place that unites us all.
No matter how short, no matter how tall.
That is why no matter what gender, sexuality, or race.
Everyone deserves their very own place.