Grade 4


Why Home is so Special to Me

Protection is when someone or something protects you and shelters you. Protection can be found in many places and you might be reading this in one, your home! Simultaneously, home makes me think peace of mind because I know that after school, I would be greeted with hugs from my family. I also know that I have a roof over my head, protecting us from snow, rain, hail and other kinds of weather that mother nature throws at us. Our house keeps us warm in the winter and protects us from outsiders. It’s like you have your own personal security guard! But some families need a home, just like you and me, to keep them protected and safe. Furthermore, a houses’ protection makes me feel safe, sheltered, warm and cozy, like as if you were by a fire. Last but not least, my home keeps me and my family warm during the cold winters, safe from any intruders and keeps us dry from the rain like a huge umbrella. These are the reasons home keeps us protected.

Families. Families are not just the people you descend from, they’re the people who love you. At the same time, when I think of family, I think that you’re being cared by someone and you belong somewhere. It’s like a circle, it never ends. In addition, what families act like is that they work together, provide each other with knowledge and love, and share with each other. Family is not just something you can think and see, but also feel. When I feel my family, I feel happy, safe knowing that they’re looking out for all of us, and supported like a superhero. These are just a few of many feelings different people might feel when they are with family. Some other examples is what happened with me and my family. Well, we support each other, like when one of us is in a competition or doing a test, we help each other out when needed, such as helping to bake a cake or building a huge puzzle piece. Lastly, it’s because we care about each other, we depend on them and we appreciate everything they do for us. This is family to me!

So as you can see, home can have such a big impact on our lives. And with all of these wonderful essays and poems, it can help out many homeless families who deserve a home. Then they too, would have a big impact in their lives by finally getting a home just like you and me. Thank you for reading my essay!