Grade 4


Why Home is so Special to Me

Not a swamp not a zoo but a place full of animals, dogs, fish and humans too.

A place full of family and friends. It’s a restaurant, a playground and a dog park too. My home is a place to laugh and smile through and through.

My favourite places are in my house like my cozy basement and soft bedroom. My house has lots of pictures up on the wall, even ones from when I was small.

Full of memories and love that will last forever. You could give me a million barrels of gold but I wouldn’t trade it for the place on McGarrell road. The place I call home.

When hope is lost and I’m tossing in bed my mom puts the right thing in my head.

My home is my shelter from the storm and the cold. But some people don’t have a home and are all alone. We can help them through the threshold.

If we try our best and work through the rest, the world will stand tall and everyone will have a home, even if it’s small.

My home will never be too small to make me smile. My home will always be worthwhile. My home means so much to me. My home is the best place to be.