Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Why Home is So Important

Home is a special place, where you can freely roam.
Home also holds everything we hold dear.
We also come here when feeling fear.

I am grateful for our home we share.
I want to show I really care.

Home is more than some walls and a floor.
It is a place of so much more.
Home is a place where family gets together,
Where we are safe, when there is stormy weather.

But the people with no home ?
They look for shelter all alone.
While we rest under a roof looking for more,
Others don’t have shelter. They must be cold to the core.

My home is perfect for me.
It’s very big, so much to see.
The more the comfort, the better for me!

I like to stay home, where I can be free.
But sometimes we have to go out, so I can get air.
I do like the feeling of the wind in my hair.

The homeless ask for money, which they don’t often get.
It needs to stop. It makes me upset.
Sometimes I see them begging for food.
Then it puts me in a very sad mood.

Every house I go to is always unique.
I think it’s important to find a house you seek.
Picking colors for your room, Walls, blue, pink, yellow, and green.
You don’t even know how many walls I’ve seen.

To enter my home, you must use a key.
Then you can view all the wonder to be seen.

Home is more than a place to stay.
Home is a place where all the bad things go away.
It’s a place you can call your own.
A place where memories are sown.
Everyone deserves a special place to rest.
I cherish my home, it’s truly the best.