Grade 5


Why Home Is So Important To Me

To me,home is a special place,
a place to be loved,
A place that is calm and peace.
the place where one lives permanently,
The place you have people who care and cherish each moment with you.
A place where Dreams come and go,

Everyone is included and loved.
A place where you are grateful
A place where you live under a roof,
Were you eat,
Where you sleep,
Where you pray,
Where you express how you feel.

Home is where I am safe,
I thank god each night before,
Where I say ¨thank you god for
my home and for my family¨,
A place with joy.
A place with memories to remember,

Where people see me.
Recognize me,
love me,
Help me,
And that’s why I am so thankful for my loved ones
And my home ,and i hope one day this helps a child who needs a home.