Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

Why home is not just a house

Home is where I stay, I can always see the way to do this and that. Home is where I know that I’m loved. Home is where I have my pets, home is where the heart is and everyone deserves a home like mine. Having a roof over my head makes me feel happy and safe. When i’m at home I can relax with my family all-day and night. A home is not just a house it’s where your family is. Every day I wake up and see my cat in his house, and it makes me feel so happy to see him in a home of is his own. I love my home if only everyone could have one, that would be so good. Having a home means having a place to come back to in the toughest times. Home is where you make good memories that last a lifetime. A home doesn’t need to be a house; it can be a trailer or an igloo or maybe a car whatever you call home is a home. It’s where you and your family stay. A home has no need to be big. It can be small, tiny it doesn’t matter if you have a home you have a home and shouldnt be judged for it.