Grade 6


Why Home Is My Special Place

When I think of home,
I think of laughter,
Because when I’m upset,
It’s always the answer!

It’s a place i can go to,
After a long hard day,
But then my family makes me feel better,
In a very special way.

Home is a place where I will always belong,
Where I can break out in song,
Then sleep peacefully all night long.

When I go to bed,
I sometimes have bad things stuck in my head,
“You’ll be okay,” my mom always says,
To make me feel better and go to sleep again.

Home is where I get fed,
And where my favourite fairy tales get read,
I have some great memories at home,
They’ll always be in the back of my head!

I go home to my puppies barking,
And when I see them,
Their eyes start sparkling!
They get so excited they start jumping up and down,
In my home I feel like a queen wearing her crown!

My home, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small,
whatever I get,
I just learn to love it all!!! 😀