Grade 6

Mount Pearl
Newfoundland and Labrador

Why Home Is My Heart And Most Favorite Place To Be

Why home is my heart and most favourite place to be. Home isn’t a word, it’s a meaning especially to me. It represents family, memories, and love. All of who I am came from my house. My voice, my feelings, and my emotions. My family helped me learn how to walk in my house, how to jump, and how to bake cookies on christmas eve with all my family surrounding me by the fireplace in my cozy home. Without out a house so many of the most important things and memories in my life couldn’t have came true if it wasn’t for my house and family. I know some people who don’t have the opportunity to go out and buy a house and I also know a lot of people are struggling some barely being able to buy groceries for there families and barely getting by. But since my amazing teacher told me about this fantastic organization called Habitat Homes, I was really thinking about what a house is? It isn’t rocks, wood, and shingles. It’s a box of love, family, memories, bonding experiences, and things you can share to your children in your house. But even though some people don’t have a castle and I’m one of those people, my family makes anything count and I don’t need a castle cause I have a family that makes my house the best house in the world. Family and opportunities make those memories in any house regardless of price, size, colour, or even window shades. The memories, family, and emotions you share is what a house is really made of.