Grade 6


Why Home is Meaningful to Me

Why Home is Meaningful to Me

To me, home is a special place where I have learned to become the person I am today.

At home, I can express myself freely without anyone judging me.

I love to be at home because I always know that my family is there waiting for me.

Although my house may be a bit chaotic at times, I have my room to stay in and just relax and feel tranquil.

Home is a mental structure and when I see that people don’t have a good home to live in, I begin to wonder what it’s like for them.

I want to help give people who don’t have a place, a place to live in so they can be alright and not worry about anything.

I have grown and reviewed myself as a kid and realize how much meaning home has to me, the bonding times with my family, the memories of happy events that had happened throughout the course of my childhood, and most importantly, to realize that some people aren’t like my family, and that I should be grateful for what I have and help other people with their needs.

I am proud of myself to be this and to help more people who can’t afford a safe house, I wish to continue with school and do more projects like these, because I want to help fix this world we live in, and not stand around and watch it all shatter beneath my feet.