Grade 5


Why Home is Love.

If you don’t know what home should mean please read what I have to say. Home is everything and everyone should have a home. Big or small it doesn’t matter at all. My home is part of me like home is part of you. If you lost your home it can feel like you lost part of yourself. But instead of being sad be happy that you can get a new home from Homes for Humanity. You walk the same halls and go in the same rooms. The point of this competition is not to win, but to give hope to those who have lost all their hope. You can build a house with sticks and stones, but it’s not the same as a home built with love and joy. Home is more than four walls and a roof because the walls are filled with love and stories. The floor holds us up even when we are feeling low and the roof keeps us warm and dry even in the stormiest weather. Hopefully you know why you are lucky to have a home!