Grade 6

spruce grove

Why Home Is Important To Me

Home is important to me because it is a place where I can come home after school and relax with my family. It is a quiet place for me to read and write cool stories for my brother to enjoy before bed. It is a place where family gatherings feel magical.

Home to me means relaxing. When i get home after a long day of school i go straight to my room to do homework and then after i play with my dog. My dog is a lazy great dancer. He loves to get outside and run laps for hours.. When he gets tired he goes inside and lays down on his bed. After he lays down my cat comes along and then I come along and we all just watch a movie together. That is why relaxing in my home means so much to me and my family.

When i get home or when i get the chance to write or read i take it because i love everything to do about reading and writing. I sometimes write cool stories for my brother to read before he goes to bed. He is in kindergarten and loves monster trucks so i usually write cute stories about monster trucks. I am reading the harry potter series right now and i am on book 5 harry potter and the order of phoenix. I love that book so much and I love all the adventures I get to go on with Harry potter. My mom used to read them as a kid and so she got me the series for christmas. That’s why reading and writing in my home is important to me.

And that’s my paragraph about home. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!