Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Why Home is Important

Home is important to me because of my family and it is a place I feel loved. Home itself is important but the people I live with are more important. These are two most important things about home and they are family and a place I feel loved.
What Family Means to me.
Family is important because they are always there for me. They always help me with my homework .If I have something to tell them they will listen till I am done talking etc .So I am very thankful that I have my family in my life .My favorite family member is,ha ha, I bet you thought I had a favorite family member I would never have a favorite I love every family member the same and I mean it” I love them all 3000”.
Why I Feel Loved at Home
I feel loved because when I am sad my mom and dad would give me a really big hug and tell me it would be ok .When I need a good laugh my sisters would make me laugh by doing something funny and it always works because they always make me laugh in a different way etc. So you could say my family would help me a lot so that is why i feel loved at home. Home is a very good gift some people can afford and this is why I am writing to help people or families in need of a home.
So you can say home is important to me and it is but do you want to know what is more important? It is the people I get to see every morning and every night at home.