Grade 5

Sturgeon County

Why Home is Home

My home is the most important thing to me in the whole world.

My home has:
A cozy, warm bed with the cat at the end of it,
A stove to cook Christmas dinner on,
A teddy bear to cuddle when you are frightened,
These are all parts of a proper home.

My home has:
A dog to walk at twelve o’clock every afternoon,
A vehicle to pick your big sister up from basketball practice,
A toilet and sink to do your beeswax.
A television to watch with your family on Sunday night,
A brother and four sisters to hang-out and play with.

My home has:
A dresser to keep clothes in,
A bedroom to keep memories in,
A bicycle to ride with friends,
A mask to keep me, and others safe from the flu,
A tablet to communicate with your cousin, that lives in Fort Saskatchewan,
A phone to order pizza on.

These are all essentials for a house to become a Home. Well, maybe not a phone to order pizza on. And the most important thing for a home to be a home is the memories.