Grade 4


Why Home is Better Than the Streets

A home is a better place than the streets right? I will tell you why. A home is safer than a street because if it is night and it is loud it would be hard to sleep and the next day you would be very tired. But if you live in a home it won’t be as loud. Did you know a home is a place where you can make new memories! My second reason why I think a home is better than the streets is you can switch the temperature but if you are outside on the streets you can’t switch the temperature. because no one can switch the temperature outside. I hope you agree with me that a home is better than the streets.

A home is a place where you can make memories. Here I will give you an example. If you find something that the person that lived there before you had lost, it would be a nice gesture to return it. It is their memory that they would never want to forget.

A home is a place where you can find love. Love can be anywhere but since we are talking about homes I will tell you where you can find love in a home. You can find love when you wake up and go downstairs, breakfast is waiting on the table for you. Or someone in your family made a scavenger hunt and it is really fun, so you have a good time.

In a home you can find lots of love and memories so I think a home is better then the streets, and a home is a safe place to everybody.