Grade 5

Cold Lake

Why Do I Like My House?

There are many reasons why I like my house. First of all, it gives me shelter. Shelter is important because if the weather is not warm outside, I need shelter and warmth. Which brings me to the second thing my home gives me, warmth. Warmth is important because if I get too cold I could get hypothermia. I also get warmth from the people in my house and their love for me. The third reason I love my house is because it gives me protection. Protection is important because if I don’t have protection and there’s a storm, I will get pelted with rain or hail so protection is essential. My family also gives me protection from feeling lonely and sad. My house is comfortable, close to a lake and there is an ODR (OutDoor Rink) behind it. There is also a park behind my house, which is very convenient in the summertime. That concludes the reasons why my house means so much to me. I think everyone deserves a house!