Grade 5


Why a home is so special

A home is a place to live,
A home is a place to give,
A home is a place to share,
A home is a place where you care.

In my home I can find things like books,
Or things to cook,
But above all,

The thing I love most in my home is my family,
Because together we live happily,
And even after a long while,
I’ll still need my family’s smile,
To help me feel happy,
When I’m feeling cranky.

When I think of a home I don’t think of chairs
Or teddy bears,
I think of things like sadness,
Or gladness,
Because in a home sometimes we feel happy,
And sometimes unhappy.

Everyone should have a home,
Even if their alone,
So i’m going to help,
Without a doubt,
Because we are all one big family.