Grade 4

Lark Harbour
Newfoundland and Labrador

Why a Home is Important to Me (Essay)

A house is an empty space with walls and a roof and a home is full of love, shelter, family, and safety but a home is more then what you think.
Shelter is important to me because the walls and roof protect me and my family from the wind, and storms. I’m lucky that I have shelter. When I think of shelter I think of a nice warm place where you can fell cozy and warm.
Love is special in its own way. Me and my family love giving cuddles. Love is special to me because your family is there for you all the time and you’re loved. In my family love means kindness and being generous.
Family is my favorite thing about a home. In my opinion I would be lost without a family. What family means to me is having them by my side and I have someone to talk to when I’m down.
Safety it is good to have security but where I live is safe so I don’t have security cameras because I have a safe home where I don’t need to worry.
As you can see I wrote about shelter, love, family, safety. Nowhere is better than my home.