Grade 5

Rocky View County

Wherever I Go

Home to me is a fun place because I am free to go anywhere.
When I go to my room, I feel like I am in my very own world! I use my imagination and I get to draw whatever I think of. I’ve drawn mostly plants and lots of flowers. On my bed, I like to read with my little kitty. She purrs while I’m reading or tries to get me to play with her.
When I go outside, I play on these dirt mountains with my brothers. Most of the time, we pretend that we are Pokemon.
When I go to the kitchen, sometimes I make dinner. Mostly it’s my mom who cooks. If I could only have one meal, it would be lasagna.
When I go to the livingroom, my dad and I play Minecraft together. We’ve made a huge hotel that goes to the maximum building zone.
Wherever I go, I just want to be with my family. When I’m happy, they make me feel happier. When I’m having a rough time, they are always there to help me.