Grade 5


Wheres My Home Now?

I looked into my mother’s eyes carefully I noticed they were bloodshot and puffy, she had bags under her eyes from lack of sleep, she was still trying to find a job and sometimes wouldn’t go to sleep at all.

I was starving my stomach growled we hadn’t been able to find food yesterday and we were saving money to buy presents for Spark’s birthday, Father came shortly with a loaf of bread we split it among all 5 of us, I had got ten dollars from someone and bought Spark a bandana, it was white with red stripes.

I heard mother and father talking last night in hushed tones “We’re going to have to give her up, Teddy can take care of Spark but Eternity never listens to him, she stays here and it’s dangerous” her mother was crying Eternity never thought she was doing anything wrong by staying behind but if mother sounded that worried then something had to be wrong…

At one point we had an apartment above a local store, but mother and father couldn’t pay rent so we were forced to leave, Spark was only 10 months old, and Teddy swore to protect him, I learned to read and write on my own but I also learned how to heal so when father came back wounded from the market I could help.

Father had taken me to a man he was nice, but I was trying to figure out why we were here, I blocked out the conversation then my father’s fingers stroked my cheek as he said “I love you Eternity don’t you ever forget that promise me” I nodded and felt the man lead me to his car when the ride was done I walked up the steps slowly to my new home.